This isn't an endorsement for Allscripts right now, though. Instead, it's a chance for you to really come to understand this business model while it's deeply out of favor -- and then buy when you think the time is right. Just a few months ago, investors were looking at Allscripts as a decent company in a really attractive business. After a deep fix, that will likely again be the investor sentiment several quarters from now.

Risks to Consider: Buybacks don't prevent stocks from falling -- they just cushion the blow against even deeper falls.

Action to Take: Share count bloat is one of the key factors behind disappointing EPS growth. Conversely, falling share counts can make a tepid growth story look like much better. That's why these stocks are often a fertile area for investment ideas. Aside from Allscripts, any of the stocks in the list above should give you a good head start on your research.

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