So we will have those available and they will in the lunch room following the presentations for you to pick up. So now I will introduced Monty. Monty is our Chief Executive Officer, he’s a Founder and Director of Ashford which went public in August of 2003. Monty is a member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association's Real Estate Finance Advisory Counsel IREFAC. He's a member of the Urban Land Institutes Hotel Council, Marriott International's Owner Advisory Council and is a frequent speaker and panelist for various hotel development and investment conferences. Since 1997 Monty also been the Chief Executive Officer of Remington Lodging and Hospitality and its affiliates and an independent hotel management and development company also based in Dallas that has provided property project in asset management services for over 40 years.

He joined Remington in 1992 and prior to be named CEO served in various capacities in the company including Executive Vice President, Director of Information Systems, General Manager and Operations Director. Monty holds a Masters in Business Administration from Cornell's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management and receive a Bachelor of Science Degree with distinction from the hotel school at Cornell.

He is a life member of the Cornell Hotel Society. Ladies and gentlemen, Monty Bennett.

Monty Bennett

Thank you Rob and good morning. We have got some folks here that I have known for a decade or more and that are very involved in the hotel industry and very knowledgeable about it. We also have some investors here that I haven’t met and are very new to the industry. So we will try to strike a balance between some very hotel specific terms but also trying to explain it and for those that are involved in the industry I hope I don’t bore with you with covering some territory you already know.

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