Ashford Hospitality Trust's CEO Hosts Analyst/Investor Day (Transcript)

Ashford Hospitality Trust, Inc. (AHT)

Analyst/Investor Day Call

May 08, 2012 09:00 am ET


Rob Hayes - SVP – Corp. Finance & Strategy

Monty Bennett - CEO

Dave Kimichik - CFO & Treasurer

Douglas Kessler - President



Rob Hayes

Hi good morning everybody and welcome to Ashford Hospitality Trust 2012 Analyst Investor Day. My name is Rob Hays, I am Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance & Strategy. I oversee the overall company strategy working with Monty Bennett, our CEO. I also oversee our Investor Relations department. I also want to welcome those who are watching us via the web. The Investor Day will be recorded and will be available over the next year on our website Before I begin I would like to tell you these slides are Safe Harbor slides we put this in all of our presentations. Certain statements made during this presentation could be considered forward-looking statements. And these statements are subject to both known and unknown risks which should cause actual results to differ from those anticipated and I would also like to remind you that historical results are not necessarily indicative of future results and I would also like to note that certain non-GAAP measures will be used in this presentation such as EBITDA, FFO, AFFO reconciliations of which are provided in prior earnings releases and filings with the SEC and this overview is for informational purposes only and not an offer to sell, or solicit any securities affiliated with Ashford Hospitality Trust.

With us today, the management attending is Monty Bennett, our Chief Executive Officer; Douglas Kessler our President; David Brooks, our Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel; David Kimichik our Chief Financial Officer; Jeremy Welter, our Executive Vice President of Asset Management; myself and Deric Eubanks, who is Senior Vice President of Finance. Also I'd like to note that we have two additional members, [Taylor Montessy] who we met at the check in table, she is Monty’s executive Assistant and Andrea Welch who spearheads our Investor Relations department and hopefully you will have a chance to meet her. If not, please introduce yourself, she really is kind of the force behind our investors relations group.

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