Ladies and gentleman, I can tell you this is an extremely capable board that is very active engaged in this corporation’s business and we are fortunate to have such an outstanding Board of Directors serve you. So thank you board very much.

Now with all current members, the retired members of HNI please stand. I would like to thank you for your many contributions over the years and we will chat a bit about this. This is what makes us a great corporation. So thank you for what you have done, thank you for what you are doing and thank you for what you will do in the future.

I would also like to acknowledge a presence of a couple of very important contributors to the corporation’s historic success. Stan now stands down here. Stan is member, director, builder, huge influence on this corporation for something like 52 years. So Sam, Helen thank you so much for all that you have done for the corporation. Also Dick Stanley, Dick's father was one of the founders of this corporation. Dick serves on the board for 42 years. Dick I saw you earlier, there is Dick. Dick, thank you.

And then finally Jack Michaels, former CEO, Director great friend, great mentor to me and many of the management team here. Jack thanks so much for coming and joining us and thanks for all that you have done over the years as well. Also in attendance are Bill Kelly, Amy Graves and Brad Jenson, our Pricewaterhousecoopers, the corporation's independent public accountant. They will be available after the meeting, should you have any questions, I am sure they will be glad to chat with you.

In the back is Steve Hoffman, representative for Wells Fargo Shareowners Services, the corporation's transfer agent and he has been appointed Inspector of Elections for this meeting. And has taken his oath as Inspector of Elections. As it has become a long tradition excuse me we have in attendance today a group of Muscatine High School business students. So stand up, come on.

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