The second major category is life sciences. In 2011 we made some changes for our sales delivery organization to align this business around certain momentum of verticals. Our life sciences team is really the first one of these that’s getting its sea lengths (ph) and is clearly benefiting from this new org structure.

Our proven dedicated expertise in this domain and concentrating that among a few delivery centers and with a core sales team and a separate general manager winning new business and growing accounts in the contract research sector and also with medical device clients and we also recently secured a new win at a very large pharma company. So our investments and focus on last year in the life sciences area are paying off and I think we’ll find another vertical in 2012 and do the same thing to set us up for 2013.

The third sort of end market domain is really manufacturing. This is becoming an area of very real strength for us from automotive accounts to the mature of the U.S. industrials and it’s clear that the manufacturing vertical continues to offer a strong growth opportunity. This is particularly evident in the mid western U.S., in which we’re seeing a very real resurgence of demand. In addition for both our domestic market, things like our content offering and other areas and also in our export markets for things like localization.

These U.S. manufacturers develop, distribute and direct new products that are increasingly digital and increasingly global. So in many ways these industrial companies have the traditional demand of globalization, but now on top of that are those digital components that behaves really quite a lot like software and so they are beginning to confront the globalization and simultaneous release challenges that the software industry dealt with a decade or so ago.

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