When asked about growth, Irwin said there are still lots of great acquisitions to be made in Europe, but he still has lots of room to grow the 30 brands the company currently manages.

Cramer said that Hain Celestial, while pricey, continues to power higher.

In the second "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer also sat down with Herbjorn Hansson, chairman and CEO of Nordic American Tanker ( NAT), a stock Cramer said he's become worried about as it appears the company is paying a portion of its dividend out of capital instead of earnings.

Hansson said that while times are still bad for the shipping industry, they're good for Nordic American since the company is using the weakness to reposition itself. He said his company has paid a dividend for 59 quarters and will continue to pay shareholders to wait for better times to emerge.

Hansson also outlined a new deal with Exxon-Mobil ( XOM), a company Nordic American has done business with for 30 years. Hansson said that Nordic American will carry much of Exxon's oil across the Atlantic, using as much as 20% to 30% of Nordic's fleet. More important than the price Exxon will pay, said Hansson, is the fact that these deliveries will be scheduled, resulting in less downtime for their ships.

When asked about the company's cash flow and its dividend, Hansson said that he remains optimistic and feels good about the prospects for the world economy. He said even if he's wrong and there's not an uptick soon, Nordic American can continue to buy ships on the cheap and better position itself for the future. The company has a strong balance sheet, he noted.

Cramer said that Nordic American remains the best house in what is still a troubled neighborhood, but that the company does pay shareholders to wait for the recovery.

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