Greek Election: The 'Winds of Change'

The following commentary comes from an independent investor or market observer as part of TheStreet's guest contributor program, which is separate from the company's news coverage.

NEW YORK ( Bullion Bulls Canada) -- As Western economies and Western societies continue to deteriorate, I find myself frequently appalled but rarely surprised. Thus it was a refreshing change to be "surprised" by this weekend's Greek election -- made even better by the fact it was a pleasant surprise.

The Western mainstream media had told us to expect the two rancid, Establishment parties in Greece (PASOK and New Democracy) to maintain their grip on power by circling the wagons and forming a Coalition of Convenience, to prevent the possibility of any real change. The script had seemingly been written.

PASOK and New Democracy would unite to serve the bankers and continue their Friedman Austerity: stomping on the poor and middle class to preserve the wealth and privilege of the aristocracy. As they finished the destruction of Greece's economy they would also complete their own self-annihilation. This would have then set the stage for a real "election" in Greece (i.e. an event where "change" was an option).

PASOK and New Democracy would vanish into political oblivion. A clean slate of political parties would emerge with a "radical" agenda: placing the interests of the Greek people ahead of those of Western bankers and their own Oligarchs. However, that's not what happened in this election.

Either Western media misrepresented Greek voter sentiment in their pre-election predictions, or (being a part of the rancid Establishment themselves) they simply failed to understand it. Greek voters, after being subjected to two years of political/economic rape, advanced the timetable. They "squeezed" PASOK and New Democracy in the same manner those two traitor-parties had been squeezing the people on behalf of the Oligarchs. Despite the full weight of the Greek Establishment making a last, desperate attempt to maintain the (corrupt) status quo; the voice of the Greek people was heard.

The effective winner in the election was the SYRIZA Party, which translates literally as "Coalition of the Radical Left". This simple translation tells us all we need to know about how far the Western political pendulum has swung to the right.

Representing the broad majority rather than the privileged few is now a concept of the "radical left." That principle used to go by a much more general label: democracy.

Eliminating corruption and restoring faith and trust in government is now a concept of the "radical left." That principle used to go by a much more general label: justice.

Placing feeding the people ahead of making interest payments to bankers as a political priority is now a concept of the "radical left". That principle used to go by a much more general label: compassion.

The Western propaganda machine has wasted no time in cranking-up its media megaphone to maximum decibels. "Beware the Rise of the Radical Left!" shriek its fearmongers. It is a strategy doomed to failure. Demonizing the concepts of democracy, justice, and compassion as principles of "the radical left" will only complete the isolation and political disconnect of the Western Establishment.