Keynote DeviceAnywhere Reveals Most Prolific Mobile Testers By Industry

Keynote® Systems (NASDAQ:KEYN) subsidiary, Keynote DeviceAnywhere®, the global leader in mobile application lifecycle management (mALM), today revealed which industries are the most prolific in mobile web and app testing. The data is based on Keynote DeviceAnywhere's own database of companies using its industry-standard mobile web and app testing service Test Center Developer™ and Test Center Enterprise™.

All of Keynote DeviceAnywhere’s customers who have engaged in mobile web and app testing using the company’s products were organized into one of 12 industry sectors based on the core functions of each business. These verticals include financial, gaming, government, healthcare, insurance, media, online services, real estate, retail and consumer, software, telecommunications, and energy and transportation. Each category was then compared, as a whole, against Keynote DeviceAnywhere’s entire customer base to determine the relative size of each market segment.

The data reveals that the dominant sector involved in mobile web and app testing is the software industry itself, representing 37.8% of the total of companies involved in mobile testing. The second most prolific sector is media, which accounts for 22.2% of the total. This underlines the massive importance of the mobile channel for all software and media companies, as the so-called “third-screen” starts to dominate many people's web and software interactions.

After software and media companies, the financial sector dominates, with 9.7% of all companies involved in mobile testing coming from this vertical. Given the many hundreds of companies in the pool of data, it highlights the large quantity of financial companies involved in the mobile channel and hints at how seriously the financial sector is taking the mobile opportunity. Finance dwarves other sectors including government at 0.4%, real estate at 0.5%, and even energy and transportation at 2.5%.

“As an industry-standard platform, Test Center Developer and Test Center Enterprise usage gives us a clear indication of the focus that different sectors are placing on mobile,” said Faraz Syed, President, Keynote DeviceAnywhere. “At this time, certain sectors like software and media are razor-focused on the mobile sector, while others like government and real estate are, by comparison, just dipping their toes in the water. Eventually, we expect the focus by industry to even out, however what we are witnessing is a clear indication of the leaders and laggards in the push towards mobile.”

The companies involved in mobile testing are performing manual and automated testing across a range of native apps, mobile websites including HTML5-based site as well as hybrid apps. The types of testing include everything from smoke testing, new feature testing, regression testing, compatibility testing all the way through to continuous testing.

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