State Auto Financial's CEO Hosts 2012 Annual Stockholders Meeting Conference (Transcript)

State Auto Financial (STFC)

Shareholder Analyst Conference Call

May 4, 2012 10:00 pm ET


Robert P. Restrepo – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

James A. Yano – Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel

Julie Williams – Personal Lines Sales Specialist


Robert P. Restrepo

Good morning. The 21st Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of State Auto Financial Corporation will now come to order. My name is Bob Restrepo, Chairman and CEO and President of State Auto Financial Corporation. And I would like to welcome all our shareholders, employees, agents and other guests as well as those joining us on the World Wide Web. Those of you attending via the internet have the ability to advance the slides we’ll be using today. I will try to pop you periodically, so you can stay with us.

First of all, I’d like to introduce the members of your Board of Directors. I’ll introduce them to you by company and as that you hold your recognition to all our standing. From State Auto Financial Corporation, STFC, we have Bob Baker; Dave D'Antoni; Eileen Mallesch; Tom Markert; David Meuse; Elaine Roberts; Sandy Trevor; and Paul Williams. Thank you for all you do.

Also joining us from the Board of Directors of State Auto Mutual, are Dennis Blank; Alison Coolbrith; Michael Fiorile; Jim Kunk; Paul Otte; Marsha Ryan; Kenan Schultheis; Ed Simcox; Dwight Smith; and Roger Sugarman. Thank you too for everything. You’re welcome.

The order of business at this morning’s meeting will be as follows. First, we’ll cover the procedural matters required to conduct the meeting. Next, we’ll consider and act upon the matters set forth in the company’s proxy solicitation materials distributed to shareholders in connection with the Annual Meeting. And finally, we’ll present a report on the company’s operations for 2011.

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