Bin Laden: Investment World Is 'Full of Tricks'

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Osama bin Laden said global stock markets are filled with "tricks," and that jihadists looking for an investment strategy should consult experts, according to a letter released today from the late al-Qaeda leader.

Researchers at West Point's Combating Terrorism Center today released documents that were obtained from the May 2, 2011, raid that resulted in bin Laden's death.

In one letter released today, an al-Qaeda follower asked bin Laden if, according to his interpretation of Islamic law, it was appropriate to invest in stocks. (Charging interest is forbidden.)

"Is it permitted to invest funds in the stock market, buying and selling shares, for the goal of supporting jihad, or investing some donation-derived funds in stock markets and shares?" the author asked.

In his response, bin Laden, who studied economics and inherited about $30 million, feigned ignorance of the issue.

"I know nothing of the circumstance and regulations of these stock markets which would qualify me to speak about them," bin Laden is quoted as saying. "The methods of selling in the stock markets have many complications, and are full of tricks, and I have no ability in this. May God strengthen us and you."

Bin Laden recommended that his follower talk to a financial professional.

"It is advised to ask some scholars who are specialized in this area, after editing your question well, and explaining the circumstances and regulations of the stock markets at which you are able to trade," bin Laden said. "May God make you successful and aid you."

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