Yakun International Announces Opening Of 2 New Stores

Yakun International Holding & Investment Group ( YIHG.PK), a leading manufacturer and distributor of authentic Chinese bakery products in the Northeastern region of China, today announced that in April it opened two new stores in Songyuan City, Jilin Province. The stores were opened under the Company’s “DingFengZhen” brand name, a Time Honored brand in China. These are the 2 nd and 3 rd retail shops opened by the Company in Songyuan City. The Company entered the Songyuan market when it opened its flagship store in Songyuan six months ago.

Songyuan City is situated in the west-central area of Jilin Province, adjacent to Changchun. It borders Inner Mongolia to the west and to the north is separated from Heilongjiang by the Songhua, Nenjiang and Lalin rivers. The annual GDP and per capita GDP in Songyuan City rank third among all the cities in Jilin Province. China’s 6 th largest onshore oil field is located in Songyuan City, and the City has the highest rate of GDP growth among all the cities in the Northeastern area of China.

A key component of the Company’s marketing strategy is to open more retail stores in different areas of Changchun and other cities in Jilin Province. At the end of 2011, the Company had 13 retail stores totaling approximately 1,800 square meters. The Company plan to open an additional 15 retail stores in 2012 totaling at least 2,100 square meters.

Our “Qianjin Shop” and “Platinum Shop” were opened on April 21 st and April 29 th, 2012, respectively. The Qianjin Shop located in the North River business district occupies 150 sq. meters, while our Platinum Shop located in the South River Business District has 230 sq. meters. Each store is equipped with advanced baking equipment to ensure consistent flavors and quality. Each store contains an on-site cooking area, decoration room, service area and waiting area for customers. The stores offer traditional Chinese bakery products and western styled products, along with beverages, including milk and specialty teas, coffees, and fruit juices.

“2012 is a critical year for us. Our main focus is to open more retail stores and optimize the operation of all stores,” said Baotian Xie, the Chief Operating Officer of Yakun International. He continued stating that “the implementation of our marketing strategy through opening a chain of stores will both enhance our brand awareness and solidify our dominant position in the Chinese bakery industry in Jilin Province.”

About Yakun International

Yakun International, through its wholly owned entity, Changchun Decens, is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of bakery products in Jilin Province, China. Under “DingFengZhen”, a China Time Honored Brand established in 1911, the Company sells bakery products through various channels including its wholly owned retail stores, supermarkets, smaller chain supermarkets and convenience stores located throughout Jilin. In addition to a large variety of traditional Chinese holiday bakery products, including moon cakes, rice glue balls and zong-zi, the Company also offers western-style breads, cookies, cakes and pastries.

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