7. HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer ($280)

Sometimes you need something on paper to close the deal. But lugging around pamphlets and brochures is oh-so-20th century. Today's cutting-edge paper presentation solution is some form of mobile printer, but finding the printer for the on-the-go sales rep is no joke. Every unit that claims to be portable demands major compromises: terribly slow printing speeds, limited features and steep prices. But as of now, for the balance of best features, HP's ( HPQ) OfficeJet 100 is my pick.

Keep in mind, this is absolutely not the only printer your office will ever need. In some cases, you will wait about 20 seconds for a print, and who has time for that? But for cranking out collateral such as pamphlets and business cards in the field, the Officejet is devilishly effective. It makes luscious prints and high-quality brochures. It even runs on batteries that cough up 500 prints per charge! Which means, for average business use, you are plugging this thing in once a week. You can even print a great image wirelessly from your smartphone.

Ask it to do the right things and OfficeJet 100 is the right mobile printing tool.

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