2. The new Apple iPad (starting at $499)

With the Apple ( AAPL) fanboys and iPad kiddies going wild over the latest Apple iPad, it's oh so easy to lose sight of what a terrific mobile presentation tool the latest Apple tablet is.

This is why: With Apple's crazy-sharp Retina display, even an average idea looks fabulous. I continue to be amazed at the extraordinarily rich blacks and pristine image detail of the new iPad -- absolutely better than most HDTV experiences. And the company has taken a much-needed stab at the gross-out factor of fingerprint grease. While not perfectly hygienic, this latest iPad is much more smudge-resistant. The camera is also solid, making it a reasonable video conferencing solution.

Word of warning: Do not fork over the cash for the 4G iPad. Complete waste of money. The model with Wi-Fi access is all you need for sales. And please remember, the iPad is no mobile do-it-all work tool. Basics such as printing remain a major pain. The unit is also fragile, and if you drop it even once without a case (see item 3), don't be surprised if the fat tech lady sings.

Use this tool properly and you can expect even boring PowerPoint presentations to look fantastic. Factor in the overall product elegance and undeniable cool factor and the iPad is the sales tool to carry.

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