10 Coolest Tech Gadgets to Seal the Deal

NEW YORK ( MainStreet) -- Up sell. Down sell. Cross sell and short sell. You'd think with all the selling going on, we would actually, well, know without question how to do it. But study up like I do on the Mozarts of moving merchandise -- the Steve Jobs, the Larry Ellisons, the Ron Popeils of the world -- and you realize that nobody's way is the way.

Steve was Steve, so Apple is Apple. Ellison rewrote Oracle as a chapter in The Art of War: ruthlessly marching the troops, slashing prices and supposedly torturing the staff on the weekends. And Popeil? He is my favorite, a legit American sales genius. The man could literally sell anything. Don't believe it? Just try hawking something called "Mr. Microphone" and see how that works for you. But Ron made millions with nothing more than cheap commercials running in the middle of the night.

These all-time greats have at least one thing in common: They used the tools at hand to get their message across and close the deal.

The world's technology vendors understand that too, and they are creating simply marvelous sales tools that can help even us mere sales mortals to get that next fund sold, start-up funded or deal closed.

Here is Blum's ultimate guided tour to the best in business-sales tech tools:

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