We also earlier in the quarter signed a very interesting collaboration with a company called Sangamo, and this is focusing on developments of therapeutics for hemophilia. We've identified 3 blood factors. We're also looking at a range of potential HGT targets, and so we can talk about that later. And we're looking at other monogenic diseases based on Sangamo's technology, the so-called zinc finger protein technology.

And this adds to our existing hematology franchise of XAGRID, which is still commercialized in international markets as a rare orphan drug, and also SPD 535, which is still in development. And again, we're looking at that for different types of use in the hematology space, and we'll talk more about that probably later this year as we formalize our plans as to where we think that product can gain best utility.

And again during the quarter, we actually brought in a new product into the regenerative medicine space. This could have a very good fit with our historic presence in FOSRENOL in the dialysis suite. So the product here is VASCUGEL. We acquired it from Pervasis. Again, it's completed some early Phase II work. We'll be looking at doing more Phase II studies, and it really addresses the significant unmet medical need for improving hemodialysis access for patients with end-stage renal disease. So as I said, with our interest in FOSRENOL in the past, end-stage renal disease has been the space we've had strong relationships with the large dialysis companies. We're looking to leverage all those benefits in Shire and also bring our expertise in this sorts of technologies, cell-based technologies in the regenerative medicine field. Again, Jeff will give you a little bit more insights into next steps with that in his R&D presentation later.

So it we turn over to Slide 8, I just wanted to give you a summarized version here what the pipeline is looking like. It's very evident, I would say, from this that you see a lot of interesting projects now at all stages of development but most particularly, in the Phase II and Phase III area. And that's very important as we're all thinking about the next wave of growth that comes in Shire. We have, as you know, very strong growth prospects such as we're reporting today, and we see significant ongoing growth potential in the next few years. But like any pharmaceutical company, we have to be investing in the future. And that is what we intend to continue to do through other quarters in the future.

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