Four Tech Stocks Mature

The big tech themes were in our faces these last 48 hours and while we all tend to focus, rightfully so, on the wonder that is Apple ( AAPL), all you need to do is take a look at the numbers coming from Equinix ( EQIX), Citrix ( CTXS), Xilinx ( XLNX) and Cirrus Logic ( CRUS) to know that there's a ton of strength out there in the ordering for cloud, big data, sophisticated cell phone demand and good features in those cell phones.

The huge number from Equinix bodes well for a continuation of the big data, big cloud secular growth stories. I regard EQIX, like F5 ( FRIV), as an integral manager to all of the data on the Web and where it gets stored. Its robust earnings tell me that EMC ( EMC), Intel ( INTC) and VMWare ( VMW) are going to keep seeing more demand from these themes. Same with Citrix, which is the ultimate software-as-a-service cloud play. When it rallies, it tends to take ( CRM) with it.

You need Xilinx chips if your telco network is going to keep up with your cellphone features that sop of data and video. It was worrisome for a time when Xilinx didn't see that demand, part of a larger theme of carrier spending slowdown. That seems to have ended, although of course we know from Juniper ( JNPR) that telco spending's been muted for some areas.

Finally Cirrus Logic, an up-and-down story, is definitely up this quarter. Cirrus makes the best sound chips and some energy regulation chips, both of which are in huge up cycles, the former benefiting from Apple's largesse.

All four of these companies provide a positive backdrop for areas of technology that always seem to be called into question -- demand for big data equipment, cloud software and better features for cellphones -- but have become tried and true sources of growth for the companies that play in their fields.
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