KonLin Letter Cites Clinical Trials And Future Partnerships As Rationale For Its Projection Of Strong Future Revenue

Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX), today discussed additional aspects of the recent Buy recommendation published in The KonLin Letter, pointing to the potential for development and marketing partnerships that could catapult the company’s valuation and revenue.

As a result of the pending acquisition of the assets of SG Austria, Mr. Kuhn suggested, “At current prices, given its level of innovation, buying NVLX stock is like buying 3 stocks for the price of 1.” which was followed by the statement that, “Once the SG Austria deal is closed, investors should expect a flurry of development activity…” the reasons for which are clearly described earlier in the article as the three primary areas Nuvilex intends to drive out of the gate, “The first live-cell encapsulation technology and delivery platform designed was used to treat pancreatic cancer patients in Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials with excellent results.… On the diabetes front,… by using implanted, encapsulated, insulin-producing cells, the need for diabetic drugs could be eliminated. [and] …On the stem cell front, the NVLX technology solves some of the significant problems that have limited deployment of the huge stem cell market, including the short life of the stem cells and migration of the cells away from the targeted site.”

Another important point reported correctly was that the cell encapsulation delivery system can be used for many therapies, potentially making the market extremely large. As mentioned previously and in addition to the work already initiated, efforts with companies have been initiated to bring the encapsulation technology to bear on their products, expanding use of this cutting edge technology for use in a number of areas.

Thus, as indicated in the letter, with regulatory authorities in Europe previously indicating the proprietary encapsulation therapy for pancreatic cancer qualifies for “orphan drug” status, the potential value will increase for the therapy as well as the technology as Nuvilex initiates Phase 2/3 clinical trials. Furthermore, Mr Kuhn’s assessment that the technology can be adapted for numerous life-saving therapies captures the beginnings and the essence of the real value of what Nuvilex and SG Austria intend and are on their way to accomplish.

The KonLin Letter concludes, “Leading pharmaceutical firms in each treatment segment could seek development and marketing partnerships with NVLX worth $50–100 mil. in order to gain access to the revolutionary NVLX cell technology for converting their best-selling drugs. NVLX stands on the global threshold of a major cancer therapy approval. Ultimate target remains $1-2.”

About Nuvilex

Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) is an emerging international biotechnology provider of live therapeutically valuable, encapsulated cells and services for research and medicine. Substantial effort of our corporate activities, alone and in concert with SG Austria, are near completion, ultimately driving our strong future together. Our company’s clinical offerings will include cancer, diabetes and other treatments using the company’s industry-leading cell and gene therapy expertise and cutting edge, live-cell encapsulation technology.

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