Gold is denominated in U.S. dollars so one of the regular gold ETFs could work. PERM uses the ETF Securities Gold Trust ( SGOL).


A similar portfolio can be constructed for Canada using the iShares MSCI Canada Index Fund ( EWC) and Index IQ Canada Small Cap ETF ( CNDA) for equities, the Rydex Currency Shares Canadian Dollar Trust ( FXC) for the currency and the PIMCO Canada Bond Index Fund ( CAD) although with an effective maturity of 13 years it is still shorter than the original Harry Browne idea.

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And again with gold denominated in U.S. dollars SGOL can work, as could the SPDR Gold Trust ( GLD).

ETFs would also allow for a permanent portfolio for Germany and China and as more specialized foreign bond ETFs continue to proliferate there will be other choices like this.

AUNZ, FXA client holdings

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