Seminar To Bridge Gaps Between Medical Information And Insurance Underwriting

Executives from Hooper Holmes (NYSE Amex:HH) and Hannover Life Re will jointly present a program to help executives better understand how medical information and statistics can inform life insurance underwriting. The seminar will take place at the Association of Home Office Underwriters conference on Tuesday, May 1st at 3:30 p.m. at the Loew’s Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Florida. David Winsemius, MD, MPH, Vice President and Medical Director, Heritage Labs, and Douglas Ingle, FALU, FLMI, Vice President, Underwriting Research, Hannover Life Re, will lead the session.

“Medical professionals often come to the insurance world with perceptions of risk based on experiences in emergency rooms or intensive care units,” said Dr. David Winsemius. “There is an education process and cultural shift in risk perception that needs to happen as insurance medical directors adjust their expectations to align with long-term perspective of the insurance world. We believe that modern statistical methods are in some ways better than the traditional life table methods doctors are taught as part of their 'actuarial' indoctrination into insurance medicine.”

“In general, doctors have strong intuitive notions of risk but many are not proficient mathematically. Some doctors have also lost touch with the data involved in the medical literature,” Dr. Winsemius continued. “Our goal is to better align the methods we use in insurance medicine with the data available. We want to give them knowledge about the risk data that is being presented in the medical literature.”

“We will be presenting an approach to applying useful information from the medical literature to risk analysis, risk stratification and insurance underwriting,” said Douglas Ingle. “We believe the ability to turn medical information into underwriting guidelines and assessments should be more widely practiced by medical professionals in the insurance industry.”

“We will talk about terminology, and illustrate some cases as examples," Mr. Ingle continued. "We will present various problems and show perspectives based on the medical literature. Our approach is to move from the case-based world of underwriting, into the medical literature and then back to the case."

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