All other expenses, net

All other expenses, net for the first quarter 2012 decreased $8 million primarily driven by gains on investments supporting certain of our deferred compensation arrangements. The gains were offset by an increase in compensation expense recorded in SAG as a result of the increase in the liability associated with these arrangements.

Income Taxes

First quarter 2012 effective tax rate was 24.6%. On an adjusted basis 3, first quarter 2012 tax rate was 27.6%, which was lower than the U.S. statutory tax rate primarily due to foreign tax credits resulting from anticipated dividends and other foreign transactions as well as net tax benefits from the geographical mix of profits.

First quarter 2011 effective tax rate was 27.1%. On an adjusted basis 3, the first quarter 2011 tax rate was 29.2%, which was lower than the U.S. statutory tax rate primarily due to the net tax benefits from the geographical mix of income before taxes and the related tax rates in those jurisdictions and foreign tax credits.

Xerox operations are widely dispersed. The statutory tax rate in most non U.S. jurisdictions is lower than the combined U.S. and state tax rate. The amount of income subject to these lower foreign rates relative to the amount of U.S. income will impact our effective tax rate. However, no one country outside of the U.S. is a significant factor to our overall effective tax rate. Certain foreign income is subject to U.S. tax net of any available foreign tax credits. Our full year effective tax rate includes a benefit of approximately 9 percentage points from these non U.S. operations, which is comparable to 2011.

Our effective tax rate is based on nonrecurring events as well as recurring factors, including the taxation of foreign income. In addition, our effective tax rate will change based on discrete or other nonrecurring events that may not be predictable. We anticipate that our effective tax rate for the remaining quarters of 2012 will be approximately 29%, excluding the effects of intangibles amortization and discrete events.

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