Savory Desserts Send Palates on a Tasty Adventure

LAS VEGAS ( TheStreet) -- Throughout the history of the modern meal, savory flavors have traditionally belonged to appetizers and entrees while the sweet tastes of dessert serve as the grand finale. That's changed. In a city that loves to bend the rules, Las Vegas restaurants are serving savory desserts that send culinary palates on a tasty adventure.

Featuring out-of-the-ordinary ingredients such as roots, spices and vegetables, these desserts blend sweet and savory in perfect harmony, proving once again Las Vegas chefs are changing the way we finish our meals. TravelsinTaste sought out some of the most notable Las Vegas chefs to bring their savory creations to you, along with some insight into their creations.

Care for some seasoning with your chocolate? The Salt & Pepper Chocolate Cake served at Andre's Restaurant & Lounge at the Monte Carlo teases the taste buds with a mixture of sweet, spice and everything nice. Served in a delicate pool of salty caramel sauce, this dessert is topped with apricot mousse and marzipan. A dusting of red peppercorn flakes atop the cake delivers a spicy bite with each forkful. "It's dessert with a kick," says Andre Rochat, executive chef at Andre's and Alize. "The secret to savory desserts is the element of surprise, because no one imagines their cake to taste spicy or salty. It opens the palate to great new flavors, which is what makes this dessert so exciting to try."
Lemongrass' Iceberg, with an unusual black jelly, minty herb, sweet corn and coconut jelly, is a dessert you won't soon forget.

Aria's modern Thai restaurant, Lemongrass, brings simple shaved ice to a heavenly level with an unusual fusion of black jelly created from jackfruit and the stalks and leaves of Mesona chinensis, an herb in the mint family. Sweet corn and coconut jelly add a final explosion of flavor to the Iceberg you won't soon forget. "The Iceberg is a take on a popular dessert in Thailand and one of my personal favorites," says Lemongrass' executive chef, Krairit Krairavee, who was born and raised in Thailand. "I'm glad this native dish and unique dessert experience has been received so well by our guests."