Five SHAW’S® Stores Reach Major Environmental Milestone

SHAW’S® Supermarkets today announced that five of its locations in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont have reached a major environmental milestone in the company’s “zero waste” program by diverting over 90 percent of all store waste from local landfills. Accomplished through an innovative approach to recycling, organic composting and food donations, Shaw’s stores united to keep more than 32 million pounds of waste out of local landfills and donated over two million meals to local food banks and hunger relief efforts since 2011.

“Creating a culture of sustainability is a key tenant for Shaw’s, and I’m proud of the efforts our associates have taken to help these five stores achieve this important milestone,” said Mike Stigers, president, Shaw’s. “We’ve made tremendous progress to reduce the amount of trash that is going to our landfills, having cut the amount in half in the last year alone. However, this is just the beginning for us, and we are excited to build on this achievement moving forward.”

The goal of the Shaw’s zero waste program is to eliminate landfill waste from operations, with these five locations reaching the 90 percent total waste diversion that marks the first milestone in the program. This effort places a significant emphasis on each store’s ability to maximize recycling, food donations, organic composting and overall waste reduction. Additionally, every Shaw’s location is diverting all of its organic materials, soft plastics, hard plastics, and all of its paper and cardboard.

The positive environmental impact of these five stores alone has been astounding:
  • In November 2010, these five Shaw’s stores were generating an average of 745 pounds of waste each day per store.
  • Today, each store is averaging just over 200 pounds of landfill waste per day, a 268 percent reduction in total landfill waste resulting from these stores.
  • Shaw’s has eliminated 1,257 full garbage truck trips annually to the landfill.

Fresh Rescue Food DonationsA key piece of Shaw’s waste diversion efforts is the company’s Fresh Rescue Program, which captures fresh items such as meat, dairy and produce that have reached their "sell by" date, but are still edible and safe, and donates them to local nonprofit organizations. Last year, we donated 3.3 million pounds of food that would otherwise have been wasted.

Waste Reduction Program MetricsTo achieve recognition in the Shaw’s and SUPERVALU® zero waste program, an individual store must divert a minimum of 90 percent of all waste from landfills, and set a goal to continue working toward 100 percent waste reduction. These stores were recently audited by SUPERVALU’s sustainability team and internally certified as having a total landfill diversion rate of over 90 percent. A complete list of stores and individual accomplishments is attached.

The specific store locations, as well as their annual waste reduction figures, are as follows:
  • 600 Center Street, Auburn, ME (90.02% total waste diversion)
    • Recycled – 848,761 pounds
    • Composted – 261,150 pounds
    • Donated to food bank – 25,091 meals
  • 66 Mountain View, Colchester, VT (90.91% total waste diversion)
    • Recycled – 1,058,146 pounds
    • Composted – 309,600 pounds
    • Donated to food bank – 44,122 meals
  • 127 VT Highway 12S, Randolph, VT (90.06% total waste diversion)
    • Recycled – 553,050 pounds
    • Composted – 233,700 pounds
    • Donated to food bank – 18,637 meals
  • 751 Maple Street, Stowe, VT (90.23% total waste diversion)
    • Recycled – 407,136 pounds
    • Composted – 189,000 pounds
    • Donated to food bank – 13,407 meals
  • 1150 Eastman Road, Center Conway, NH (90.23% total waste diversion)
    • Recycled – 641,283 pounds
    • Composted – 180,700 pounds
    • Donated to food bank – 25,945 meals

Join UsAs part of Shaw’s and SUPERVALU’s goals to deliver on its waste reduction program, the company is inviting its customers to make waste reduction a part of their daily practices. With a goal to have every store reach the zero waste threshold, the success also requires the involvement of the millions of customers who visit our stores every week.

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