Asure Software Announces New Time And Labor Management Platform

Asure Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASUR), a leading provider of workplace management software, today announced that it is releasing its new AsureForceTM time and labor management SaaS solution, and updated corporate branding.

“We are very excited about the release of AsureForce,” said Pat Goepel, Asure's Chief Executive Officer. “This cloud-based solution is the latest demonstration of our focus on innovation and client needs. The new platform provides new functionalities requested by our partners and clients, and it will prove to be a successful growth tool in the market.”

The AsureForce product platform takes advantage of the latest Web technology to deliver a leading cloud-based solution to the market. Improved functionality around scheduling, rules and reports are combined with an intuitive user interface, which improves the solution’s capability to increase workplace efficiencies. The product is expected to go live during the second quarter of this year.

"Our top priority is delivering the best technology that enables our partners to improve workplace efficiencies for all clients," said Steven Rodriguez, Asure’s Chief Operating Officer. “In fact, we also refreshed our brand to better reflect our vision of an innovative technology company. Our recent article in American Payroll Magazine is a good example of how we have successfully changed our corporate culture to better support our business and clients.” Access the article here:

“The AsureForce release demonstrates our corporate mission to deliver innovative technology with the passion to empower every client's workplace and the commitment to make their workdays easier,” said Goepel. “Our entire team – from sales and client support to product and development – is committed to the new platform’s success and we look forward to seeing how it will benefit our clients.”

About Asure Software

Asure Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASUR), headquartered in Austin, Texas, offers intuitive and innovative technologies that enable companies of all sizes and complexities to operate more efficiently. The company ensures a high-performing work environment by integrating its "keep it simple" solutions and expertise to more than 3,500 clients worldwide. Asure Software’s suite of solutions range from time and attendance workforce management solutions to asset optimization and meeting room management. For more information, please visit

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