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NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Q: I have a reputation in my office as a hard worker. The problem is whenever a more prestigious position opens up, I'm passed over. I think a big problem is; I like to keep to myself and do my work. I just do what I do. Other employees seem to stick out more! How can I get noticed so more opportunities become available to me?

A: You have to create meaningful relationships with co-workers and bosses in order to get what want.

You cannot keep your head safely buried in your computer and ignore the human beings walking amongst you.

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If you work hard yet stay invisible, your bosses may give you a positive job satisfaction report, which may prevent you from being fired, but this will not translate into more money or a promotion.

Your fellow employees need to see you as a positive presence in the office, they want to be inspired by you, your company won't promote a bench-warmer who is good at "doing what they do."

This is not a case of statistics or production. It is less quantifiable. In order to truly survive and conquer when navigating the work environment, you must sharpen your ability to engage with various personalities. You need to "rebrand" yourself in a subtle, yet defining way.

Here are the tips:

1. Speak Up!

Firstly, If you have solutions for existing work problems, do not be afraid to speak up and share them. Your shyness will work to your advantage here, your voice will be unexpected and thus will carry greater weight. Think of this as your announcement; your voice has finally arrived at the workplace.

Secondly, pick a specific upcoming office project or problem. Take time formulating an opinion or action plan regarding said project and then formulate a concise statement you would make in the meeting. Make this statement bold and unwavering.

This is your second announcement: A leader's voice has arrived at the workplace!

2. Acknowledge Others!

Publicly acknowledge your co-workers accomplishments. Who doesn't love being told they did a great job?

Your co-workers will be shocked, awed and appreciative.

More importantly, they will now see you as a supportive teammate rather then a productive lone wolf.

3. Be a Team Player!

Find a way to work collaboratively with a fellow employee on a project. Let the office know that you are a member of this team.

A person with strong teamwork capabilities, social awareness skills and relationship management tools will go far.

Your bosses want to see this.

4. Socialize With Associates!

I am sure your colleagues socialize with one another after work. You should make every effort to join in their fun downtime. Remember people reward people they like and appreciate socially.

Go out, have a drink, get chicken wings, share an artichoke dip fondue, relax and unwind with your people.

I promise it won't kill you. Everyone will realize that you know how to have to fun and enjoy their company. Plus, some of the most important and genuine business rehashing comes with a relaxed drink, and a smile.

This will have immediate results! You will become more aware of office politics, understand individuals personalities and cultivate the types of work relationships which will become the heart of your professional successes.

5. Action Steps!

A leadership position opens up. Create the buzz; you want this, you're right for this! Your work persona has now been altered, and it is yours for the taking.

Here is where you switch.

Remind your bosses of that hard working man who produced results year in and year out. They respect that. They will now think about the last several months and recognize your growth as a leader, collaborator, and team player.

This is a systematic approach. You are learning to navigate your work environment to get what you want and deserve.

Do not be afraid to leave the comfort zone. Professional successes will follow.

Questions and comments are always welcomed. Just send them to "ASK NOAH" at

Have a profitable and peaceful week,


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