Fastenal's CEO Hosts Annual Meeting Of Shareholders (Transcript)

Fastenal Company (FAST)

Annual Meeting of Shareholders

April 17, 2012 11:00 am ET


Robert A. Kierlin - Founder and Executive Chairman

Willard D. Oberton - Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Director

Todd Rachow -

Ken Nance -


Robert A. Kierlin

Welcome, everybody. Welcome to our new facility here. 25 years ago, we started out in the lunchroom. Then we moved to the truck bays. Now we're in the warehouse. Next year, it's either up on the roof or out by the barbecue tent. We're going to do things a little bit differently. I'm going to come down to Monsignor Habiger for the invocation. Monsignor has been with us since 1987 and always has done a great job with the invocation. It always seems to have helped with the stock price for the year. So, once again, I'll turn this over to Monsignor Habiger.

James Habiger

It's good for me to be here. In fact, at my age, it's good to be anywhere. Good morning, God. You reveal yourself to us in your creation. For this, we are grateful. We thank you for mother earth and our atmosphere. We thank you for our mountains and our meadows. We thank you for the forests and fields, for our oceans, lakes and rivers, and all the creatures therein. Help us to respect these sacraments of your presence and to use them for our needs with reverence and restraint. Grant that carelessness and greed may stop defacing your creation. Help us, creator of all the world and lover of each of us, to realize the beauty with which you surround us, the colors, the shades, the lights, the shadows, the shapes, the patterns, all the dazzling array of enchantments of the eye and ear, to which we imitate to a little intent. Help us to realize, endeavor not having [indiscernible] That we, men and women, are the crown of this beauty, His wonder. Male and female, He created us, in His image and likeness. We are grateful [indiscernible]. He didn't ask you why this [indiscernible]. All this through Jesus Christ. [indiscernible]. It would be nice to hear a rousing amen.

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