Robert A. Kierlin

The board had this meeting this afternoon to hasten a resolution, which I'll read to you, whereas Monsignor James D. Habiger, Father Jim, who's been a friend, order and spiritual adviser to the founder of this for over 50 years, whereas Father Jim has endured himself with all the members of the board and the rest of the shareholders of the company [indiscernible] that James D. Habiger hereby elect [indiscernible]. And we wanted to give Father Jim something special. And I think we all know sometimes when a nut comes off your toaster or your alarm clock, it's always nice to have a spare on hand. So we have [indiscernible] for Father Jim here.

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Fastenal Company is now convened. I am Robert A. Kierlin, Chairman of the Board of the company. Stephen M. Slaggie will act as Secretary of the meeting, and I will act as Chairman. Also present, please stand, are Michael M. Gostomski; Willard D. Oberton; Michael J. Dolan; Reyne K. Wisecup; Michael J. Ancius; Scott A. Satterlee, who are Directors of the company; and Hugh L. Miller, Director of the company, who's currently in China, and he's viewing this meeting via webcast. Hello, Hugh.

I would first like to welcome all of you to this annual meeting. And next, I'll report on the number of shares present at this meeting, conduct the voting and results to be considered at this meeting. I'll report to you on the company's [indiscernible].

The record date for the determination of the holders of the company's common stock entitled to those -- to receive notice of and to vote at this meeting was fixed by the Board of Directors at February 22, 2012. And over here, I present to the meeting a certified list of shareholders of the company issued an outstanding common stock as of the close of business on the record date. The list will be kept open and subject to the inspection of all shareholders during this meeting.

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