Here in the U.S., where natural gas is cheap and abundant, Thomas said that he expects to see export terminals being completed, as gas is simply worth more outside of the U.S. In China, the company is seeing its manufacturing operations increase between 40% and 50% a year.

Chart is also involved in the development of natural gas truck engines as well as natural gas fueling stations. He said in the past six months, momentum has been building for natural gas surface vehicles, which has made Chart's biggest problem keeping up with growing demand.

Natural gas is a viable fuel, said Thomas, it's domestic, it creates jobs and provides energy security. That's why Chart is currently in need of skilled engineers, to help usher in the new era of energy in America.

Cramer remained bullish on the use of natural gas and on Chart.

Growth Stocks

Closing out his week-long series of world-class growth stocks, Cramer highlighted yoga-inspired apparel maker Lululemon Athletica ( LULU), a stock that's just three points off its 52-week high.

Cramer called Lulu a junior growth company, meaning it's still in the early phases of its expansion. The company is seeing 26% increases in its same-store sales and has a huge runway to expand its store count, as well as potential in its Ivivva children's concept, and more.

Lulu's end markets are huge, said Cramer, especially as it expands into children's and men's apparel and more mainstream sports like biking. The company is highly competitive, with loyal fans, and it's always inventing new fabrics and products. Does Lulu have international potential? Absolutely.

Turning to the financials, Cramer said that Lulu isn't likely to offer a dividend anytime soon, but that's OK given its growth. The balance sheet is pristine, with no debt, and shares trade at just 35 times next year's earnings, with a 30% growth rate. Cramer praised management's execution thus far in its growth, and noted that growth is not dependent on the macro economy or held hostage by rising input costs.


In the "Homework" segment, Cramer followed up on a few stocks that stumped him during earlier shows. He said that Howard Hughes ( HHC) is too expensive at 166 times earnings. Cramer prefers Federal Realty Trust ( FRT). Cramer was also not a fan of Vocus ( VOCS), a cloud software provider that's too speculative.

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