Friday's Top 10 Articles, Videos on TheStreet

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15 Apple-Like Stocks That Could Bear Similar Fruit
Frank Byrt
JPMorgan crunches Apple to find companies that could track the market leader.

How GE Profits From 'Reverse Innovation'
Gregg Greenberg
Vijay Govindarajan, author of Reverse Innovation, explains how companies like GE are using emerging markets to grow new products.

Biotech Stock Mailbag: All You Need to Know About Hep C Drugs
Adam Feuerstein
Biotech columnist Adam Feuerstein answers readers' questions about health-care companies.

The 5 Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week: April 13
Gregg Greenberg
Zhongpin's Little Piggies; Sony's Memory Lapse; Molina's Messy Monday; Nokia's Population Problem; Dunn And Over.

Buy Stocks With Dividends and Global Reach
Lindsey Bell
Kelly Campbell, founder and president of Campbell Wealth Management, discusses how diversifying across the globe can benefit your portfolio.

5 Stocks Setting Up to Break Out
Roberto Pedone
These stocks look poised to break out and trade higher from current levels.

Stocks Sell Off on China Weakness
Andrea Tse
The Dow is back in the red as China's economic growth disappoints and Europe frets over heavy borrowing by Spanish banks.

GM Has Something Different in Buick
Ted Reed
GM's Buick outlived Mercury, excels in China and finds younger buyers -- just not enough of them.

JPMorgan's Dimon: Don't Overreact on Jobs Data
Dan Freed
CEO also sees housing near a bottom.

Google Posts Strong Earnings, Sets Stock Split: Hot Trends
Brittany Umar
Google announces it is creating a new class of stock.

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