Here's How Romney Can Beat Obama: Opinion

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There is much debate on Wall Street regarding the business models of major media companies such as CBS, Time Warner and Disney. Will online distribution, cord cutting and other new media formats destroy or enhance revenue or profit models? An analyst recently upgraded CBS, another downgraded the whole sector.

One thing is for sure, however: Political advertisements in 2012 will likely hit a record high, perhaps a billion dollars or more in spending. This article endeavors to show what presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will have to do in terms of TV ads if he intends to win in November.

Most conservatives and Libertarians favored another Republican candidate than Romney, whether it be Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or one of those who dropped out earlier. In the end, though, as people have come to accept that Romney is the nominee, even the supporters of his primary opponents agree on one positive Romney trait: He will be willing to hit his opponent hard.

Whether that is a function of simply having more money or not, one thing is clear: There is now an expectation by the conservatives that Romney must hit Obama at least as hard as he hit his primary opponents. There must be no holding back. None. Whatever restraint someone could dream up, those dreams must end. Only unrestrained DEFCON-1 political warfare remains.

Mitt Romney

Contrast this to 2008. We all remember 2008 all too well. John McCain, who was mostly a nice guy with a lot of warm humor, fought a clueless campaign where he refused to attack Obama on his character and Marxist heritage. McCain should have blanketed the airwaves with Obama morphing in and out of Rev. Wright, Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin. Video after video should have shown 100% tax rate bills from the IRS, Soviet flags with Obama's face next to the hammer and sickle, and gulags with "Hope and Change" above the entrance.

But McCain did no such thing.

McCain argued that he could win against Obama by playing it mild, being a nice guy. The leftist media kept stroking him, praising his demeanor. After the election, all the leftist press wrote and talked about him as a great candidate.

Of course they liked him. He lost. He never attacked hard, so he lost. You know what we call a nice guy who loses? A loser.

They all hated George W. Bush. But he won! Small wonder they hated him like the plague.

High-Stakes Game

Folks, the stakes couldn't be any higher, and the only thing that matters for Romney is winning. If someone calls him a nice guy, the only thing that's for certain is that he is losing, or has already lost.

A campaign, of course, doesn't consist only of ads. There are numerous things a candidate must do in order to win. But ads are a meaningful portion of it, and in this article I will stick to that one piece of the winning equation.

I will start by describing the overall theme for a successful Romney campaign, not one that plays it soft and loses.

The overall theme would be this: For 45 years, 1946 to 1991, America fought communism in the Cold War, and now we ended up with a communist in the White House. In addition, Obama has thrown his support behind the Muslim Brotherhood, which means Obama has launched a war on women, Jews and Israel.

Yes, Virginia, if Romney is to have any chance at dethroning "Billion Dollar Campaign Obama," he has to punch Obama right in the face with full force, not sit down for a game of chess. No arguing about decimal points and gradual tinkering with the margins of the governmental machinery. No arguing that "Obama is a nice guy, but he's in over his head."

If Romney runs his campaign on the theme that "The recovery isn't as strong as it should be -- 1.7% GDP growth should really be 3.8% in this part of the economic cycle," then Obama will be the favorite to win this November. Romney's legacy will be buried in political memory shoulder to shoulder with Bob Dole and John McCain, without the war hero coffin.

Romney needs to go to the core of attacking Obama's motives. He needs to show that misery isn't just a byproduct of Obama's policies, but in fact Obama's willful goal.

In this spirit, here are two concrete examples of what Romney's campaign ads would look like if I were in charge of the Romney campaign's political advertising.

1. Theme No. 1: Obama finances Muslim beheadings of innocent women with your tax dollars.

This TV ad starts with a nice outdoorsy video from a soccer stadium in Kabul or some other Muslim country, in which a woman dressed in a burka is beheaded with a sword because she was convicted of playing music or walking in public unsupervised by a male relative. The video then switches to Obama praising the Muslim Brotherhood and showing how Obama encouraged them to take over Egypt, and how he greets them in the White House, offering $1.5 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to finance their tyranny.

The video then switches to an angelic 7-year-old American girl whose tears are flowing down her cheeks while she looks into the camera and says: "Please don't vote for Obama. I don't want to wear a burka or to be beheaded by Obama's Muslim Brotherhood friends. Please save my life. Vote for Romney and preserve American freedom. Why does Obama hate women?"

After hammering that ad alone on all TV channels 24/7 between now and Nov. 6, Obama's support among women would drop from over 50% down to essentially zero, and Romney would win in a landslide that would make the Reagan 1984 and Nixon 1972 elections look heavily contested.

Obama's lapdog leftist press would cry foul, call Romney all sorts of bad names and protest like never before. But they would lose the election -- ha ha ha!

The leftist media will confront Romney on this ad and complain loudly, because an estimated 92% of them are deeply in the tank for Obama. How will Romney respond? Easy, here is how: "Don't ask me about telling the truth in political ads. Ask Obama why he is sending your tax dollars to people who force women to convert to Islam or else they will be beheaded. I want to cut taxes so that Obama can't spend your money on financing the conversion of women to Islam and their beheadings if they refuse."

"Tax cuts: Better than Obama stealing your money to finance Islamic beheadings of women," Romney continued. Yeah, don't hold back like John McCain did. Romney's attack on Obama must be 100% unrestrained.

How does Obama escape this one? The answer is that he won't. He has a terrible record to defend, and unlike McCain who never called Obama's past, character and intentions into question, Romney will.

2. Theme No. 2: Obama is a Marxist who will steal everything you own and earn.

This TV ad starts with a gray-haired bearded man reading from The Communist Manifesto uttering "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." (Yes, I know that sentence was printed in another Karl Marx publication, but who cares for this purpose.) Then he looks up to the camera and says "I am very proud of my ideological descendant, who is perfecting my vision in America this year."

The Karl Marx figure then pulls off his face mask as if it were Halloween, revealing a person who looks just like Obama, saying "Ha ha ha, I fooled you in 2008! I have come to take all of your money and spend it all on millions of government bureaucrats, welfare cases and the Muslim Brotherhood." He would then rise out of the lounge chair and hand an envelope toward the camera: "Here is an IRS bill for 100% of your income, your house and everything that's in your bank account. In college, I may have failed Economics 101, but I got an A in Marxism 101."

The final frames of the video show the U.S. flag morphing into the Soviet flag, with Obama's face printed next to the hammer and sickle in the upper left corner, then fading into a picture of the entrance to a Soviet Gulag with "Hope And Change" on a sign on top of the entrance.

Focusing on some bean-counter argument in Paul Ryan's budget plan as to whether Medicare or Social Security goes bankrupt in 2027 or 2045 is a total loser compared to an ad like this. Once this ad has been hammered 24/7 on all TV programs until November, everyone in this society with an income, house or bank account will shun Obama like a burglar. Welfare cases may still vote for him, but most Limousine Liberals will have been converted away from Obama. Again, a Romney landslide would be the result.

More Where That Came From

These are only two of numerous possible ads that should be run either by Romney or a SuperPAC favorable to his election. I think both organizations should pounce equally hard.

The litmus test for Romney should be: Do the ads cause leftist political commentators such as Chris Matthews to completely hit the roof, crying foul? Do the ads have total shock value? Will some TV channels refuse to show them? If the ads don't hit this kind of level of controversy, Romney and his supporters shouldn't bother. They will have failed. They should just withdraw from the race right now, handing over the baton to Santorum or Gingrich before it's too late.

The two examples of TV ads I described above are just the beginning. I have several more in mind, hopefully even harsher against Obama. Obama can be painted in the most unfavorable light imaginable, whether morphing into a set of wild-eyed Khmer Rouge Marxist utopians from Cambodia circa 1975, or into a Black Panther standing at the entrance of a Philadelphia polling place, swinging a billy club against any suspected Republican voter. Romney or his SuperPAC should start running these ads right now.

If Romney is serious about our country standing on the edge of a dark financial abyss, with our money and our freedom only inches away from national bankruptcy and total bureaucratic power, he owes it to his fellow Republicans to show that he can hit harder than any political slugger in human history, anywhere on Earth. If Romney's TV ads don't cause unprecedented controversy, dramatically dwarfing LBJ's 1964 "Daisy girl countdown" TV ad in the "below the belt" department, Obama has a good chance of winning in November.

In the meantime, until I publish the next handful of TV ad ideas for Romney and/or his SuperPAC, I would like to get more proposals from other people who may have even better ideas for hard-hitting Romney ads than I do. Submissions, anyone?