Here's How Romney Can Beat Obama: Opinion

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- There is much debate on Wall Street regarding the business models of major media companies such as CBS, Time Warner and Disney. Will online distribution, cord cutting and other new media formats destroy or enhance revenue or profit models? An analyst recently upgraded CBS, another downgraded the whole sector.

One thing is for sure, however: Political advertisements in 2012 will likely hit a record high, perhaps a billion dollars or more in spending. This article endeavors to show what presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will have to do in terms of TV ads if he intends to win in November.

Most conservatives and Libertarians favored another Republican candidate than Romney, whether it be Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or one of those who dropped out earlier. In the end, though, as people have come to accept that Romney is the nominee, even the supporters of his primary opponents agree on one positive Romney trait: He will be willing to hit his opponent hard.

Whether that is a function of simply having more money or not, one thing is clear: There is now an expectation by the conservatives that Romney must hit Obama at least as hard as he hit his primary opponents. There must be no holding back. None. Whatever restraint someone could dream up, those dreams must end. Only unrestrained DEFCON-1 political warfare remains.

Mitt Romney

Contrast this to 2008. We all remember 2008 all too well. John McCain, who was mostly a nice guy with a lot of warm humor, fought a clueless campaign where he refused to attack Obama on his character and Marxist heritage. McCain should have blanketed the airwaves with Obama morphing in and out of Rev. Wright, Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin. Video after video should have shown 100% tax rate bills from the IRS, Soviet flags with Obama's face next to the hammer and sickle, and gulags with "Hope and Change" above the entrance.

But McCain did no such thing.

McCain argued that he could win against Obama by playing it mild, being a nice guy. The leftist media kept stroking him, praising his demeanor. After the election, all the leftist press wrote and talked about him as a great candidate.

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