Tuesday's Top 10 Articles, Videos on TheStreet

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5 Stocks Set to Soar off Bullish Earnings
Roberto Pedone
These heavily shorted stocks could get squeezed much higher if they report positive earnings this week. (Stocks include: AA, ADTN, TITN)

5 Bank Stocks Worth a Second Look
Philip van Doorn
An analysis of the stocks underperforming a hot banking sector this year highlights some food for thought.

10 Stocks That Could Rise in Market Decline
Frank Byrt
Investors have heavily discounted these high-quality companies.

Vivus Obesity Drug Delay Is Good and Still Means Arena Pharma Rejection
Adam Feuerstein
The latest twists and turns in the race for FDA approval of a new weight-loss drug.

White House Gets Behind Buffett Rule: Hot Trends
Brittany Umar
The White House says the Buffett Rule would make it more difficult for the nation's richest to lower their tax bills.

8 Ex-Dividend Stocks With Buy Ratings
Alexandra Zendrian
These stocks, which go ex-dividend Wednesday, are rated buy at TheStreet Ratings.

Top FDA Approval Decision Gurus Weigh In on Vivus' Obesity Drug
Adam Feuerstein
Hear what the top contestants in TheStreet's FDA Drug Approval Contest have to say about Vivus and its obesity drug.

Analysts' Actions: CMI, DELL, FWLT
TheStreet Staff
Here are today's top research calls.

Citigroup, Bank of America Draw Bullish Buyers
Traders turn bullish on the banks.

Stocks Deepen Losses; Yield on 10-Year Bond Slips Below 2%
Andrea Tse
The Dow falls triple digits as investors react to a decline in confidence among small business owners and rising Spanish bond yields.

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