Dems Poke at Romney's Swiss Bank Account

By Mark Russell, Newser Staff

Democrats are taking shots at Mitt Romney's Swiss bank account, accusing him of wanting to "conceal something," reports the Huffington Post. The issue came up Monday in a conference call by President Obama's election campaign that was supposed to be about raising taxes on the rich.

But Illinois Senator Dick Durbin added that no presidential candidate has ever had a financial portfolio as broad as Romney's before, which quickly turned into criticism of his Swiss bank account.

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The only reasons for a Swiss account is if you think the Swiss franc is going to appreciate more than the U.S. dollar -- or if you're looking to hide money, grumbled Durbin. "When is the last time a presidential candidate for the U.S. had a Swiss bank account?" he asked. "I think the answer is never."

The Romney campaign didn't have any comment.

--Written by Mark Russell of Newser