You Said It: The Week's Best Dow Forecaster

NEW YORK ( The Street) -- We asked Twitter followers to predict where the Dow Jones Industrial Average would end the week, using the hashtag #dowguess.

The best forecast came from @jbpoplawski, who predicted the Dow would fall to 12,853. He was only three points off. He will get TheStreet swag.

Here are this week's guesses:

Dear_Chuksy: 13,458

MillerZeit: 13,333

Joe32077: 13,124

kathyqxu: 13,122

Robah355: 13,100

MOsamaSiddiqui: 13,079

MariusFermi: 13,068

VaughnOkumura: 13,020

real_daniel_son: 13,000

BumperPickner: 12,990

DisgruntledRob: 12,987

davisch: 12,943

2011CoastCanuck: 12,932

TannorP: 12,875

jbpoplawski: 12,853

Dow's closing number Friday: 12,850

billymajik: 12,772

LoneBullWolf: 12,562

MariaPiccolino: 12,552

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