UDR Announces 2012 Community Dispositions And Capital Markets Activities

UDR, Inc. (the "Company") (NYSE: UDR), a leading multifamily real estate investment trust, today announced the disposition, and pending disposition, of 6,507 apartment homes in 21 non-core communities for gross, and net, proceeds of $610 million. Transaction details follow:
Disposition Activity  
Location   Communities     Homes    

Year Built/Renovated

Avg. Monthly Income per Occupied Home (1)
1Q12 Dispositions            
‘Other’ FL

900 1989 $742
Fredericksburg, VA

    676     1992     1,062
Total/Weighted Average 6 1,576 1990 $879
2Q12 Dispositions Under Contract
Phoenix, AZ 6 1,744 2002 $858
Jacksonville, FL 5 1,857 1990 794
Dallas, TX 2 477 2009 1,214
Richmond, VA 2     853     1986     933
Total/Weighted Average 15     4,931     1995     $881

Grand Total/Weighted Average
21 6,507 1994 $881

(1) As of December 31, 2011.

During the first quarter of 2012, the Company sold four ‘Other’ Florida and two Fredericksburg, VA communities for net proceeds of $133 million.

In addition, the Company has entered into an agreement to sell 15 communities located in Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL, Dallas, TX and Richmond, VA for $477 million in gross, and net, proceeds, subject to adjustment. This portfolio sale is expected to close during the second quarter of 2012, subject to customary closing provisions.

When combined, the Company’s 2012 completed and anticipated disposition proceeds of $610 million fully fund its $500 million of previously announced development and redevelopment spend in 2012. The Company has exited or will exit the Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL and Fredericksburg, VA markets following the closing of the anticipated dispositions and will have exceeded its planned disposition guidance for the year.

“At The Market” Equity Offering Program Update

Year-to-date, the Company has raised approximately $215.8 million of equity through the sale of all the remaining 8.6 million shares under its previous “At The Market” Equity Offering Program (“ATM”) at a weighted average net price of $25.18 per share.

Accordingly, the Company announced today that it has entered into a new ATM program through which it could sell up to twenty million common shares.

Forward-Looking Statements

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About UDR, Inc.

UDR, Inc. (NYSE: UDR), an S&P 400 company, is a leading multifamily real estate investment trust with a demonstrated performance history of delivering superior and dependable returns by successfully managing, buying, selling, developing and redeveloping attractive real estate properties in targeted U.S. markets. As of December 31, 2011, UDR owned or had an ownership position in 60,465 apartment homes including 2,626 homes under development. For over 39 years, UDR has delivered long-term value to shareholders, the best standard of service to residents, and the highest quality experience for associates. Additional information can be found on the Company's website at www.udr.com.

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