I'll talk about some of the external trends and the impact some of those trends is likely have on our company. We believe that these trends could have a very favorable impact on Sigma-Aldrich. So we'll talk a little bit about industry consolidation. Well I'll tell you is why there's an industry consolidation that's been taking place. This industry is still very fragmented and I'll show you why. The growth of the Internet and how that's impacting the industry and really creating some opportunities for companies like Sigma-Aldrich. Emerging market growth, frankly, we have been there, we have been capitalizing on it. I'll talk a little bit about outsourcing of the pharma company and then how that's creating opportunities, selective opportunities for companies like Sigma-Aldrich. And then, the regular 3 environment and what's happening in the [indiscernible] in certain areas, especially with renewable energy and those kinds of things and how we have taken advantage of that, whether it's through our materials science activity or some other business.

So if you look at consolidation, while consolidation has taken place, if you really look at -- and this is the research segment. If you look at chemicals, reagents and kits, and even break that further, and you look at some of the Analytical business that you're in, life science, reagents and kits, and specialty chemicals, you can see that the soft tickers have a decent amount of shares, anywhere between 25% and 40% and we are one of them. But then you have a huge market, that is so fragmented, with a number of small players. And the opportunity really is-- one is to gain market shares, which through organic means, which I believe we have been doing, and the other one is to look at possible bolt-on opportunities where it makes sense. So we can either get more channel, more access, more products and so on and so forth. I mean, I think Frank's going to talk a little bit about that. Same thing with essentials and labware. You have a few big players and -- but then again it's a very, very fragmented, and interesting. And mind you, I'm talking about the total globe, I'm not just talking about the U.S.

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