Let's talk about our market space. Where does this company play? And you can see on the left-hand side, if you look at the lab market, that's our Research business. We have estimated this to be about $25 billion. And we have close to about $2 billion. So there's a lot of headroom for growth and if you peel that back even more, you see that's made up of 3 broad areas. We have chemicals, reagents and kits, which is about 1/2 of the lab market, and we are [indiscernible]. That market is typically growing and we foresee that to grow at about 3% to 4% [indiscernible]. You have the lab essentials market, which is sort of as I said, are the essential products that most laboratory scientists use and that's about a $3 billion business. That's probably not growing as fast. But again, it's the business that's highly predictable, and it's where we still have a lot of value in what we do. And then the last one is labware and this is, again, plasticware and glassware, many other products that we are in today, but not in a very big way. So that's probably where we have appraised more shares, that's close to about $10 billion revenue [ph]. And then if you look at the targeted commercial markets at the right side there, our SAFC business. Life Science -- they play in 3 segments, Life Science, electronics and industrial. In fact, over 70% of SAFC's business is in the Life Science segment and that's a $55 billion addressable market for us. It's huge and it's -- it also includes services and it's fairly one that we are pursuing quite heavily. The electronics, we have carved out a niche in electronics. The total electronics market for chemicals is larger. But as I said, we are focusing on things that are hard to manufacture, that have a profound impact on the end product. And so for us, that market today is about $5 billion. And Fred Rollins, who runs their high tech business, is actually here today and he's going to speak with you about the things we're doing for the LED segment, what's happening in the LED segment, what's happening in the semi-conductor segment and why we are very excited about that segment. And them the last one is the industrial segment where we supply critical raw material and that's, some of you know, that's we call the Supply Solutions business and all of that is there, that we believe has an addressable market for us of $15 billion and frankly that business has been doing quite well for us in the last year and even coming into this year, that's been very successful.

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