We have over 9,000 employees and we are in many, many countries. We have operations in many countries where we do business. Practically everywhere in the world, our customers expect us to provide similar service levels. And I'll tell you, our service levels in the emerging market have been growing up quite significantly which has also led to a very rapid growth for Sigma-Aldrich. I'll let the team, when they come, and talk about what we've been able to achieve in the last year or 2.

Two distinct businesses, most of you know that. We enable science for both manufacturing, as well as enable science in the lab. Our Research business, or the business that we have that caters to researchers, is about a little over 70% of our business. And then close to 30% of our business is in what we refer to as the SAFC, or the Fine Chemical business. And I will give you a little introduction on both and then of course Frank Wicks, who runs our Global Research business is going to be down here speaking about that business, and Gilles Cottier, who runs our SAFC business will do the same for SAFC.

The Research business really, if you look at the strategy of what we are trying to do there, we are selling convenience, we are selling science, we are selling products. But it's the convenience that provides a very broad portfolio of products to our customers who trust the quality in the service that we provide. And frankly, the franchise is strong because of all the things that we offer. Now if you've seen the layers within the Research business of what we do, you can see there are several things that we do. Our Biology business is almost 1/2 of what we do in research today. So biology based products, about 1/2. And then in biology, we have the traditional Biology business, which is selling BioBasics, which we have done as a company since it began. It's a very solid business, a very profitable business for us. And then as you know for the last several years, we have been getting into the more innovative areas of biology. And Frank and David Smoller will be here to talk about that, but we're into biomolecules, we're into Functional Genomics, we're into all sorts of series of [ph] cells. And we are into things like gene editing. Businesses within that innovative Biology business that are growing very, very rapidly for us. I mean, we'll point that out to you.

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