Crosstex Energy Inc. - Shareholder/Analyst Call

Crosstex Energy, Inc. (XTXI)

March 27, 2012 2:00 pm ET


Jill McMillan - Director of Public and Industry Affairs

Michael J. Garberding - Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Barry E. Davis - Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer of Crosstex Energy GP LLC, President of Crosstex Energy GP LLC and Director of Crosstex Energy GP LLC

William W. Davis - Chief Operating Officer of Crosstex Energy GP LLC and Executive Vice President of Crosstex Energy GP LLC

Stan Golemon - Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations of Crosstex Energy GP LLC

Royston Lightfoot - Senior Vice President of Business Development


Jill McMillan


Looks like we've got a few more folks coming in. If everyone wants to have a seat. Great. Well, thank you for coming and good afternoon, and welcome to the Crosstex Analyst Conference. We are so excited to have you and we especially thank you for your interest in Crosstex. My name is Jill McMillan, I am the Director of Public and Industry Affairs. I manage the Investor Relations for the company. I see many familiar faces in the audience. For those of you that I haven't had a chance to meet, I hope to get to know you more later today. I will say that we have a very busy and full day ahead of us. We will start off the meeting with a 1.5 hours presentation led by our President and Chief Executive Officer, Barry Davis. He will provide a in-depth operational and financial update. After the 1.5 hours presentation, we will take a short 20-minute break where we will reconvene back in this room for a 2-hour breakout discussion, where each of you will have ample opportunity to ask lots of questions to the management team.

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