New York showcases some fascinating creations. Jean Georges Vongerichten's wildly popular ABC Kitchen is serving a Blood Orange Bellini with blood orange juice and cremant d'alsace. Pera Mediterranean Brasserie's Blood Orange Gimlet combines Tanqueray Rangpur Gin, fresh blood orange puree (a popular Mediterranean cuisine ingredient) and lime. At Yerba Buena Perry, chef and owner Julian Medina and bartender Alex Valencia's Sangrita is packing heat with a decadent mix of blood oranges, hot sauce, a little black pepper, salt, lime, lemon juice and tomato water.

Hungry? Try an amuse bouche of L'Orange Sanguine, a delightful emulsion of blood orange on a wild berry gelee, at Joel Robuchon in the MGM Grand in Vegas or an appetizer of foie gras custard brulee at Shawn McClain's Sage in Vegas' Aria Resort. Made up of blood orange, toasted cocoa nibs and salted brioche, it melts in your mouth. In New York at Perilla, chef Harold Dieterle prepares a grilled swordfish entree with chickpea-blood orange ragu and almond-cocoa soil. He likes to use blood oranges for the brightness they add to a dish and the vibrant color of the juice and flesh. At Recette, chef Jesse Schenker pairs hamachi with fresh uni, mache, blood orange gelee, jalapeno and harissa foam.

In Los Angeles, at Farmshop, chef Jeff Cerciello is offering a red rice salad with avocado, toasted pecans, Maggie's Mint, blood orange and Bellwether Farm's pepato cheese. At Culina, chef Victor Casanova serves a salmon with blood orange, caviar, chives and extra virgin olive oil. In Miami, meanwhile, executive chef and co-owner Sean Brasel's ceviche at the Lincoln Road hot spot Meat Market is made up of mahi mahi with miso paste, aji amarillo, agave nector, lime juice, pineapple scraps, miran wine, yuzu and blood orange puree.

On the sweet side, executive chef Andrew Brochu at the restaurant graham elliot dishes up his Mallorca, a blood orange popsicle served with a fruit salad of blood orange, banana, ginger, lemon-lime consomme and a "Gatorade" foam. The lebne cheesecake from pastry chef Morgan Bordenave at Mezze in Los Angeles is garnished with blood oranges. The chef also creates a pink cheesecake infused with blood oranges for special occasions.

Shaun Hergatt, executive chef and owner of SHO Shaun Hergatt has served blood oranges in past desserts such as the popular boule de fromage, made up of fromage blanc white chocolate and blood orange and garnished with a tuile of nicoise nougatine.

"Blood oranges are one of the kings of citrus. Not only beautiful to look at, but with a complexity, acidity and depth of flavor profile superior to other varietals of oranges," Hergatt says. Our sentiments exactly.

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