Cramer: Oracle is Not A Buy, SAP Is

Oracle ( ORCL) might have had a good quarter, but Jim Cramer said he's still not excited about the company. He said there is no reason to be in this slow and steady stock.

"I didn't expect it. I was using cockroach theory, which is when you have a bad quarter like the last one, the next one could be just as bad. They managed to be able to close some deals that they hadn't before. That said - I am not getting excited," Cramer said.

Despite the quarter, Cramer said, Oracle is not a buy at this time. He is not impressed by the company's cloud strategy, despite some recent acquisitions. "It's faux-cloud," Cramer said. He said he likes Oracle's tactics but is not going to endorse the company as a cloud company.

Cramer likes SAP ( SAP) better. SAP, he said, is getting embedded in a lot of places and maintains a good relationship with Apple ( AAPL). "I really am a believer in SAP. It's been a remarkable stock, even though it's a German stock and the European market has been bad," Cramer said.
At the time of publication, Cramer was long XXX.