ASML Holding's Management Presents At Credit Suisse 2011 Annual Technology Conference (Transcript)

ASML Holding N.V. (ASML)

Credit Suisse 2011 Annual Technology Conference

November 29, 2012 6:00 PM ET


Peter Wennink – Chief Financial Officer


Unidentified Participant

Good, our next presentation today is from ASML. ASML as a lot of you will not need any introduction the company is by far in a way the leader in lithography, which is the most crucial step of manufacturing semiconductor chips. The company has had a tremendous increase in their market share over the last several years now close to about 80% market share in the lithography market. From ASML we have the CFO Peter Wennink, we are happy to have him here. He flew in from Netherlands and also Craig DeYoung from Investor Relations. Peter welcome.

Peter Wennink

Thank you.

Unidentified Participant

I guess like I will first start off with what you are seeing sort of near term in terms of business trends it feels like almost an eternity since you reported almost two months ago, you were the first one to report. It feels like there have been a lot of things that have changed certainly from a macro perspective people have gotten more concerned on Europe. But also some of your peers that have reported since have sounded at least on face value a lot more optimistic about near term order trends and perhaps you sounded, so perhaps you could talk a little bit about how things are in the near term.

Peter Wennink

Yeah, sure. When we reported the Q3 results we did two months ago or close to two months ago. We were still in a situation where customers actually indicated to us quite specifically what they needed for 2012. And in summary that was in every segment memory segment NAND or DRAM or logic very clearly that they want to do the technology transitions. So, which means for DRAM they wanted to go for 3X to advance to the 2X and for logic to the 28 and 32 nanometer node.

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