Our UniFire, where we continue to increase its capabilities to address new applications and now recently with the SPARK, but our R&D investments are continued to be made to make sure we remain competitive and have a differentiated capability to win in a competitive environment.

So, a little bit about in-line process control, this is a slide that reminds folks that our core business is based on optical metrology, optical metrology being fast, non-destructive and suited for in-line, in-line is important, its going to be fast enough, so that you can be used between each of the process steps to make sure you control the sequence, they are all non-destructive, its basically light-in and light-out and the interpretation of the change of that light as it interacts with the surface measuring either structural features or material characteristics.

We packages in a variety of automated platforms that are appropriate either for the semiconductor environment, data storage and so on and we also have the software NanoCD suite which we will be explain in more about. We just recently added to our optical technologies with the acquisition of NANDA, a small firm in Germany that is now obviously part of the Nanometrics family added the SPARK platform and the inspection capability. Up until this time, we’ve been basically a pure play process control metrology company.

With the acquisition of NANDA and the incorporation of the SPARK platform, we now move into inspection and that’s the other leg of the story in terms of process control. We have – for us, we sell multiple markets and the reason we plug that out is that we really don’t need to know in any major detail whether or not the device is going to be a memory device, or a logic device, or it’s a solar cell, or an LED.

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