Chemtura's CEO Presents At Citi 4th Annual Basic Material Symphosium (Transcript)

Chemtura Corporation ( CHMT)

Citi 4 th Annual Basic Material Symphosium

November 29, 2012 2:00 PM ET


Craig Rogerson – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Craig Rogerson

Good afternoon, it’s always nice to be the last guy. Little bit about Chemtura as mentioned a $3 billion company global Specialty Chemical company with a very diverse portfolio, some might say too diverse but a very diverse portfolio. Put together through a merger acquisition process over a number of years in the 90s into the first half of the 2000. What I want to talk about is basically deal with the questions that we got and then open up the questions from you. So well, I will go through these questions relatively quickly and then we can get to the Q&A.

These are the cautionary statements you can read these SEC filing information and reconciliation. Stephen Forsyth, our CFO is here with me as well so feel free to ask him questions as we go through.

The first question was around the bromine marketing it was mentioned we are one of the three large players in the bromine market both with brominated products and in brominated flame retardant. Now the question was around China what’s the situation now versus 2008 and ’09 there are ways for us to add capacity that implies the market is very tight and that certainly has been the case. Really since the electronic market started to recover in the spring of 2009 after the significant downturn in late ’08 that market has been booming. If you look at that in the while certainly not back to its original position but it somewhat recovers to building and construction or furniture and installation, foam installation market, oil and gas and the now growing mercury removal market the market has remained very tight.

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