Exclusive Q&A With Bruno Del Ama, CEO Of Global X Funds

Exclusive to Uranium Investing News

Global X Uranium ETFGlobal X Funds is a New York City-based global asset management firm and the only provider of an uranium-focused exchange traded fund. The Global X Uranium ETF (URA) offers exposure to uranium mining companies worldwide and has an AUM of over $190 million.

In an exclusive interview with Uranium Investing News (UIN), CEO of Global X Funds, Bruno del Ama, offers his insights into the current demand/consumption levels for uranium, emerging markets as drivers of uranium growth and how an ETF allows investors to tap into the commodity.

UIN: To start off, can you provide our readers with a brief understanding of what an ETF is?

del Ama: ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Fund and is in essence comparable to traditional mutual funds as it is regulated the same way. ETFs provide investors with exposure to a portfolio of securities. The difference between ETFs and traditional mutual funds is that they are listed and traded on an exchange. In our case, for example, most of our funds, such as our Uranium ETF - ticker symbol URA - are listed on the New York Stock Exchange Arca. We also have some ETFs that are listed on NASDAQ. Just like any other exchange-listed stock - Apple or Microsoft - you can buy or sell throughout the day.

Unlike mutual funds, ETFs are typically passively managed funds meaning that they're not actively managed by a portfolio manager who makes decisions as to what to buy and sell. Instead, ETFs typically track an index and are also generally lower cost compared to mutual funds. Our uranium ETF tracks the largest and most liquid stocks around the world that are focused on the uranium mining industry.