12 Bargain Stocks With Insider Support

NEW YORK ( Stockpickr) -- It often pays to follow the moves of insiders. If they're buying up company stock with their own funds, then they are quite often pointing the way to an undervalued investment opportunity.

Trouble is, soon after insiders buy, a stock starts to rise higher as other investors follow the insiders' lead. By the time you get around to researching that stock, it may already be 10% or 20% above the level where insiders bought in.

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Yet it works the other way as well. Share prices sometimes fall after insiders have started buying, to below levels where they bought in. If insiders liked the stock when it was a bit higher, they presumably love it now that it's a bit cheaper.

Here are a dozen companies that are trading below the recent average insider purchase price. If the market grinds lower and pulls these stocks down further, insiders may lend their support once again.

Let's take a closer look at five of them.

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