Cramer: Can't Wait to Get my New iPad!

Goldman Sachs may not put the customer first but Apple ( AAPL) sure does, Jim Cramer said. The new iPad has improved on several of the features most important to him and he can't wait to get one.

Analysts had been skeptical of the new iPad and Cramer expected product reviews to be lackluster. "I kept waiting for one of these guys to say, 'Look its just not good enough," Cramer said. But he said Edward Baig of "USA Today," Walt Mossberg of "All Things D" and David Pogue of the "New York Times" all had positive things to say about the new iPad. Now, he expects to see a greater demand than analysts anticipate.

For Cramer, it's all about watching games on the device and the newer version of the iPad has improved resolution, battery life and is on 4G. He said he is blown away by good resolutions. 4G will allow internet on the tablet to work faster and more consistently.

"I watch a tremendous amount of games.,, I just watch a huge number of games," Cramer said. "I talk to my father every day about the games and the Phillies. I never miss a game and to get this good resolution is just a fantastic thing. I mean I'll try to watch like 100 games a year,"

But, he didn't make his decision to buy based on analyst reports but instead by David Pogue's reviews in the "New York Times." Cramer said he hadn't planned to buy the iPhone 4s but purchased it after Pogue called Siri the most powerful tool he had worked with.
At the time of publication, Cramer was long XXX.

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