Cramer: NDS Sale A Win For News Corp., Not Necessarily for Cisco

Did Cisco ( CSCO) pay too much for NDS? Despite a $5 billion dollar price tag for the video technology company, Jim Cramer said the real concern for investors is Cisco's lack of focus, which has caused the stock price to stall.

Cramer said News Corp. ( NWS), which owned part of NDS did well in the deal. "The winner here is News Corp. They turned out to make a couple billion dollars on this. They continue to strengthen and News Corp. ended up having a pretty good investment versus what Cisco needed to pay," Cramer said.

But Cramer is not sure the acquisition of Cisco is going to mean much for the company at this price. Cramer said the company could view this as a way to jump into India and China where NDS has a strong businesses. "I just find that the valuations are very difficult to swallow. But then, you know, Cisco has $40 billion in cash. Its earning nothing. You know, maybe they feel like this can get a jump up on someone else," Cramer said.

The trouble with Cisco seems to be focus. The company was going to give up on video technology at one point, after acquiring Scientific Atlantic, Cramer said. But he said they seem to have committed to it. Yet, the stock continues to stall, even as other tech companies such as Intel, Apple and Microsoft continue to climb higher, Cramer said. "Cisco is all over the map. And one of the reasons it's been an underperformer in the market is that no one can really figure out what they are doing," Cramer said.
At the time of publication, Cramer was long XXX.