Completed Clinical Trial Further Indicates Cell-in-a-Box® Encapsulation Technology Has The Potential To Treat A Wide Array Of Solid Tumors

Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX), an emerging biotechnology provider of cell and gene therapy solutions through its ongoing acquisition of the assets of SG Austria, realizes the important role for Cell-in-a-Box® technology, and what it offers the medical community, and aims today to discuss the potential it will serve as a treatment option for a variety of solid tumors.

As discussed previously, the Cell-in-a-Box® technology involves the encapsulating, or encasing of live cells in a specially created cotton-based capsule. The cell-type chosen, in the case of cancer treatment it is a cytochrome P450 expressing cell, is chosen for the disease and then is ultimately placed beside or within the target tumor while the cells remain inside the capsule. For cancer, once a patient receives the drug to be converted, the encapsulated cells transform this into an active chemotherapeutic. As a result, a high concentration of the drug is provided locally to the tumor.

Although the original human clinical trials were limited to pancreatic cancer tumors, later work showed the Cell-in-a-Box® encapsulation technology has great potential for use in other solid tumors. The work also pointed toward encapsulated cells expressing more than one drug-activating enzyme as being of potential value in treating other cancers, indicating the possibility of combination drug therapies targeted by one or more encapsulated cell product(s) being placed in or near the tumor to cause a high level of chemotherapy at the site it’s intended for.

Most chemotherapy drugs affect both normal and cancerous tissue, which is why they are so toxic to naturally fast-growing cells in the body, such as hair follicles and intestinal cells. By using encapsulated cytochrome P450 expressing cells to convert the drug locally and then placing them close to or in a tumor, much less active drug is available to cause harm to healthy normal cells and instead its localized high concentration remains in the tumor region, irrespective of solid tumor type being treated, and thereby can increase elimination of the tumor cells.

Dr. Robert Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Nuvilex, added, “The work that continues to be advanced by SG Austria expands the possible use of the Cell-in-a-Box® technology beyond pancreatic cancer. When combined with the potential downstream affect on micro metastases through use of encapsulated cells, we can realistically imagine being able to treat cancers across a broad spectrum. Our goal is to minimize normal cell and tissue damage, reduce the life-threatening side effects, and yet bring about elimination of a person’s cancer. Over the past year and through today, we have continued to research new ways to improve on the quality and quantity of the products we will be driving forward, including the pancreatic cancer treatment, all of which are designed to increase the quality of our lives through effective use of live cell encapsulation.”

About Nuvilex

Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB:NVLX) is an emerging international biotechnology provider of clinically useful therapeutic live encapsulated cells and services for encapsulating live cells for the research and medical communities. Through our effort, all aspects of our corporate activities alone, and especially in concert with SG Austria, are rapidly moving toward completion, including closing our agreement. One of our planned offerings will include cancer treatments using the company’s industry-leading live-cell encapsulation technology.

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