Turning to our media network development, in addition to our strategic restructuring of media resources in our exclusive network cities, we further developed the new strategic initiatives to accelerate our media network expansion in the Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities, they are seeing rapid development and increasing market demand.

On top of our 20 current cities, secured either by exclusive agency agreements or joint venture contracts, we added 41 cities in our non-exclusive mobile television networks in 2011. This expansion of our nationwide media network and deeper penetration into Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities greatly enhanced our ability to support multinational and domestic brand in the product promotion and sales in those regions.

Every minute of advertising sold in these new cities generate gross profit and overall operational efficiency has increased greatly. The successful implementation of our media network extensive strategy has further solidified VisionChina Media’s undisputed market-leading position in China.

As CCTV’s only strategic partner in the outdoor TV media space, VisionChina Media’s strategic operation with CCTV has a continued into third year and a more comprehensive diversified cooperation framework has been embraced by both sides. In addition to taking part in CCTV’s annual advertising fly time auction, VisionChina Media has the only extension of traditional TV with nationwide scale with Shenzhen to broadcast almost all of the important TV programs and news events from all 30 CCTV channels, including a spring festival gala, touching the heart of China, the March 22, general production day programs among other.

Moreover VisionChina Media was authorized to broadcast public service advertisements to CCTV, VisionChina Media’s determination power, public credibility and social value have all been greatly enhanced through the broadcasting of this program that important to Chinese audiences, CTR, CMMS, and third party research organizations continue to conduct various independent analysis of our media platform and have further affirmed VisionChina Media’s unique status as an integrated all media platform with proven rates recall and conversion rates.

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