ASML Holdings Management Presents At (Transcript)

ASML Holdings (ASML)

UBS Global Healthcare Services Conference

Feb 27, 2012 14:00 PAM ET




Unidentified Analyst

Good morning, I am (inaudible) Hardware Research in London and I am very pleased to have Peter Wennink, CFO of ASML with us today. Obviously we won't recap what ASML is doing because that’s known to everyone and maybe we will start by the topic of the week which is Elpida filing for bankruptcy so maybe two questions, one which is short term, do you have any exposure on our books to Elpida and more you know long term or maybe for H2 because you have been with Eric talking about maybe (inaudible) CapEx spending for Q1. What could happen to the (inaudible) market depending on this scenario for Elpida.

Peter Wennink

Too relevant your questions I would say first more the biggest impact on the company. We have limited receivables outstanding and as a matter of fact we have a prepayment of balance Elpida that is higher than the capacity where we currently have, so that’s okay, we have an immersion tool there on loan which is actually ASML property and also with the relevant document there. So we don’t expect any major exposure from the current situation.

From a market point of view probably more interesting, it's our estimate based on some probably data we think that our own bit supplies to the DRAM model Elpida itself is about 10% of what we believe but the Elpida group which of course includes Rexchip could be 15% and 20% in total.

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