Apple's Easy Money Run Has Begun

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Apple stock is in bull mode. Make that ultra-bull mode. Since the Nov. 25 low of $363, this stock has risen 56%.

The trading range of 2011 that limited Apple's upside because of the Steve Jobs uncertainty, the European sovereign debt crisis and trepidation because of the delayed iPhone 4S -- all are long gone. From Jan. 1, 2010 until Nov. 25, 2011 Apple investors suffered through 10 corrections that sold off an average of $42 each time. Those trading ranges have been replaced with the kind of action we haven't witnessed since 2007.

In 2007, Apple experienced a dramatic 135% nine-month rise from $84 to $198. During that run Apple only had seven corrections that exceeded $5. Excluding the typical August low, the average selloff lasted seven days and the stock corrected an average of $8.40.

The current run is showing similar characteristics. On a percentage basis, this current run is tracking even better than the 2007 run. It's taken 15 years and a lot of work for Apple to rise to its $500 price level. The next $500 will likely come over the next 36 months in a relatively easy money run enabled by a growing economy and a market share bonanza.

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Investors who want to take full advantage of this new Apple action are able to maximize returns beyond common stock ownership by owning option LEAPS. For example, on Feb. 28 we allocated 30% of the portfolio at to AAPL January 2013 $480 calls and 10% of the portfolio to AAPL April 2012 $510 calls.

Our strategy is simple. We "buy to open" contracts of the desired option and make sure to "sell to close" before the date of expiration. Since purchasing these particular options 17 days ago, the January 2013 calls are up 36% and the April options are up 85%.

When investors are able to get the timing right, these options provide upside that is impossible to capture with common shares of stock. During these 17 days, the stock has risen 8%. As you can see, using options at the right time can rapidly build wealth. The low p/e and the high growth rate make Apple the perfect options trading vehicle.

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